What Is Produced

“To ensure full support for both collectors and aggregators, companies such as Union Packaging buy the sorted and collected recyclable material and make end products such as egg trays.
“As Union Packaging, we have an agreement with Manja Pamodzi through the aggregators”, says Union Packaging Managing Director Kunal Patel, ” we often buy the collected carton such ads used used Chibbuku packs which we then use to make egg trays”, he further adds whilst pointing to the truck loading the egg trays made from material gathered through the project.

Truck loading egg trays at the Union Packaging plant. The trays are produced from used Chibuku packs bought from Manja Pamodzi aggregators.

Speaking further about the future of recycling in Zambia, Mr. Patel stressed that there is so much potential for the recycling business in Zambia. He further adds that what is needed are more players in the industry.

“I applaud Zambian Breweries and the Millennium Challenge for this initiative in the right direction”, he further said. “Once more players come on board we will see cleaner cities and no more blocking of drainages.”

Further items produced from collected post-consumer waste include plastic plates from PET and HDPE materials as well as aluminum foil from aluminum cans.

Join Zambian Breweries, Millennium Challenge Account (MCA), Zambia Environmental Management Agency(ZEMA) as well as the Lusaka City Council (LCC) and other co-operating partners in this life changing cleanup programme by calling our eco-friendly team on +260 971 268850 or send an email to our Project Manager at elaine.kafwimbi@zm.ab-inbev.com for further details.

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