Manja Pamodzi begins second series of Activations.

In its first activation in the second series held at the New N’gombe Foxdale market, the Manja Pamodzi team capably led by Elaine Kafwimbi signed up 21 new collectors for the program.

The signees, most of whom were from the New N’gombe area, were drawn to the event by the exciting Manja Pamodzi jingle and the informative skit delivered through a thrilling theatrical performance.

Actors performing in a skit during the Ngombe activation held on 13th May, 2017.

The activation, also used as avenue to reward the hard work of top collectors and aggregator, saw seven (7) collectors from each site walk away with K500 each and one aggregator with K1000.

“This money will help me buy groceries for my family,” said Susan Banda, top collector from the Matero site, while proudly waving an envelope with her prize money. “Manja Pamodzi has really helped me buy food for my children,” she further added.

Susan Banda (centre) from the Matero site holding an envelope with her prize money for being the top collector for the month of March.
Other collectors awarded include Brenda Musonda from the Chunga Landfill, Joseph Banda from Mtendere, Matiya Makomo from Chawama, David Sojini from Chunga, Violet Makina from N’gombe, Susan Banda from Matero, as well as Anna Nyangu from Kamwala South.

Additional exciting activities included a sorting competition which saw selected adult members of the audience battle for prizes by separating plastic materials from carton packs of beer.

Manyinga Chiwanya, winner of the competition, could not hide his joy as he walked away with a Manja Pamodzi T-shirt and a pack of Super Shake.

Manyinga Chiwanya (far right) participates in the sorting competition alongside three other contestants.

Further road shows took place in three additional townships, namely, Chawama on 27th May, Matero on 17th June and the most recent one was held in George compound on 8th July.

Manja Pamodzi team signs up new collectors during the Chawama Road Show held on 27th May 2017.

Matero residents battle it out in the sorting competition during the road show held on 17th June 2017.

Anna Nyangu (far right) poses with the team as she receives her prize money at the George Road Show for being a top collector during the month of June.

The next activation, on 29th July, 2017 will be held in Mtendere – one of Lusaka’s oldest township.

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