From Collection to Aggregation

To ensure that collectors remain motivated and are productive, aggregators, the second set of the value chain, are responsible for receiving the recyclable material and eventually selling it off to processing companies.

“Working as an aggregator for Manja Pamodzi is an exciting job,” comments Chawama aggregator Alarm Mulenga. “Collectors gather packs of Chibbuku and old used plastic bottles, and bring them to me here at the aggregator site. After I receive them, I pay them according to what they have collected”, he further says.

Alarm, a Community Based Entrepreneur (CBE) has been working as aggregator on the project since its inception in 2015. At his site alone, he transacts with 45 (35 female, 10 male) collectors.

Alarm Mulenga (left) helping one of his collectors offload the recyclable material at the Manja Pamodzi Chawama Aggregator site.

“Through sensitization, the project has been able to change the mindset of people here in Chawama toward recycling; people now know that they can make money through waste”, he comments.

 “Long time ago, passer byes would laugh at us thinking that we had gone crazy because we were picking dirty material. Now, after being sensitized, people know that one can make money through this project,” he says while helping some of his collectors offload the material they had gathered.

Alarm is one of eight aggregators who tirelessly each month. They contributes to the success of the project by connecting collection and processing of various recyclable material; ultimately, contributing to a cleaner and healthier environment.

“Through the project, I have been able to provide materially and financially for myself and for my family”, testifies Alarm. “I am also able to pay for my children’s school fees through the money I receive when I sell the collected material to the processing companies”, he added.

Alarm Mulenga (in black shirt) poses with the Manja Pamodzi team as he receives his prize for being the best aggregator in the month of April, 2017.

The project, whose aims are both to create a cleaner environment and sustainable empowerment for its participants currently operates in eight high density areas: Chawama, Chibolya, George compound, Mtendere, Ng’ombe, Matero, Kalikiliki, and Chunga compound. Through additional partnership, the project can expand and reach more places.

Alarm Mulenga tidying up the Manja Pamodzi collection point in Chawama.

Join Zambian Breweries, Millennium Challenge Account (MCA), Zambia Environmental Management Agency(ZEMA) as well as the Lusaka City Council (LCC) and other co-operating partners in this life changing cleanup programme by calling our eco-friendly team on +260 971 268850 or send an email to our Project Manager at for further details.

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