Collectors – Meeting the Challenge

Working as collector of discarded waste can never be easy; often times, onlookers think that such activities are for insane people. As a result, some may hesitate joining the project fearing the stigma and perhaps the discrimination that could come along.

But for Violet Makina from N’gombe compound, such negative perceptions do not deter her from working tirelessly as a committed collector. She started her collections in 2015 (shortly after the project kickstarted), and has since won the ‘best collector’ award for more than two times in a row!

Mrs. Violet Makina (center) as she receives her prize money for being the best collector during the month of August

“When I started, people thought I had gone mad. I’d wake up early in the morning collecting cartons and plastic material and I’d be called different names,” she said.

Mrs. Violet Makina (left) delivers the recyclable material she collected to Manja Pamodzi Ng’ombe aggregator Mr. Henry Kalolo

“But now, people who once called me names are envying me for the money I am making every month”, she added. “I now can afford to pay for television subscriptions and with the monthly prizes I am often winning for being the best collector here in Ng’ombe, I am really proud to work as collector”, she further said whilst sorting the recyclable material she had just collected.

Mrs. Makina, however, is not the only one who enjoys the benefits of Manja Pamodzi; she is one of the 449 collectors who work hard each month despite what other well-meaning people might say. Through their hard work, they have – from inception – collected over 2, 600 tonnes of recyclable material.

With the support of the Millennium Challenge Account (MCA) Zambia and Zambian Breweries who have provided pushcarts and bicycles amongst other supplies, the work of collectors such as Mrs. Makina has been made fairly easier; however, with the addition of partner organizations more can still be done.

Join Zambian Breweries, Millennium Challenge Account (MCA), Zambia Environmental Management Agency(ZEMA) as well as the Lusaka City Council (LCC) and other co-operating partners in this life changing cleanup programme by calling our eco-friendly team on +260 971 268850 or send an email to our Project Manager at for further details.

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