Manja Pamodzi Holds District Clean Up in Chibolya
On Saturday, 28th October, scores of Chibolya residents overcame the rainy weather as they joined Manja Pamodzi and its team in a cleanup programme called the Chibolya District Cleanup. Speaking at the event, Kanyama Member of Parliament Honorable Elizabeth Phiri who graced the event as Guest of Honor commended Zambian Breweries for partnering with the
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Zambian Breweries Donates Trucks to Manja Pamodzi
Zambian Breweries has donated two trucks to Manja Pamodzi aggregators to facilitate for transportation of collected material from the aggregator sites to processing companies. The donation which was made at the Manja Pamodzi Multi Stakeholder meeting held on November 17, 2017 at the Ridgeway Southern Sun Hotel, was given to two aggregators, namely Mr. Harrison
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  ZEMA Commends Zambian Breweries
Zambia Environment Management Agency (ZEMA) Operations Director Maxwell Nkoya has commended Zambian Breweries for initiating Manja Pamodzi and creating empowerment in communities. “Under the provision dealing with waste, we find the principle for extended producer responsibility where a company such as Zambian Breweries needs to dedicate resources either financially or otherwise to the product post

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The Role of the City Council
By law, the Lusaka City Council has the responsibility, inter alia, to ensure a smooth and timeous collection of both organic and inorganic solid waste. With this as one of its goals, the Council almost always supports local enterprises and initiatives that help clean the environment such as Zambian Breweries’ and Millennium Challenge Account funded
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  Manja Pamodzi holds 7th Road show
On October 7, 2017, Manja Pamodzi successfully held their 7th road show in Chunga in the project’s second round of roadshows. The event which started at 09:00 captured the attention of scores of Chunga residents through exciting dance, music and theatrical performances which were used to sensitize the people about good waste management practices andRead more

Collectors – Meeting the Challenge

Working as collector of discarded waste can never be easy; often times, onlookers think that such activities are for insane people. As a result, some may hesitate joining the project fearing the stigma and perhaps the discrimination that could come along. But for Violet Makina from N’gombe compound, such negative perceptions do not deter her
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From Collection to Aggregation
To ensure that collectors remain motivated and are productive, aggregators, the second set of the value chain, are responsible for receiving the recyclable material and eventually selling it off to processing companies. “Working as an aggregator for Manja Pamodzi is an exciting job,” comments Chawama aggregator Alarm Mulenga. “We collect sacks of recyclable material from
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What Is Produced
To ensure full support for both collectors and aggregators, companies such as Union Packaging buy the sorted and collected recyclable material and make end products such as egg trays. “We buy the carton material such as Chibuku packs from the aggregators at an agreed price”, says Union Packaging Managing Director Kunal Patel, “once we buy,
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  Manja Pamodzi Celebrates two years of existence
On August 25, 2017, Zambian Breweries PLC and Millennium Challenge Account Zambia (MCAZ) together with an array of key stakeholders gathered at Southern Sun Hotel in Lusaka to celebrate two years of the existence of the Manja Pamodzi Initiative.
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Manja Pamodzi showcases at the 91st Agricultural and Commercial Show of Zambia (ACSZ)

In its quest to promote a clean environment and create empowerment, Manja Pamodzi for the first time ever showcased their activities at the 91st Agricultural and Commercial Show of Zambia under the theme ‘Promoting a Green Economy’.

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  Summary of Key Achievements
Manja Pamodzi, a recycling program initiated by the Zambian Breweries PLC in partnership with the Millennium Challenge Account – Zambia (MCAZ), has been in existence for two years. During this period, key achievements have been realized.Read more

Recycling is the way to go – join us now!
Manja Pamodzi is a recycling initiative supported by Zambian Breweries PLC and the Millenium Challenge account.Read more
Events Manja Pamodzi begins second series of events

In its first activation in the second series held at the New N’gombe Foxdale market, the Manja Pamodzi team signed up 21 new collectors for the programme.Read more
Zambian Breweries PLC celebrates World Environment Day

To celebrate World Environment Day that falls on June 5, various activities including a tree planting exercise were conducted.Read more
World Environment Day
  Sorting Manja Pamodzi:
Tonnages Collected

A summary of tonnages collected from 2015 to 2017 and distribution of total collectors.Read more
Brand New Castle Lite 330ml Returnable Bottle

What does this mean? Just like our Mosi, Castle Lager and Eagle bottles, Castle Lite has joined our recycling scheme.

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